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Today was eerily excellent! :D Mindy and I actually dared to go into Snyder's Cemetery today...twice! :O First we went in the daylight, so we made certain that we knew exactly how to get there. Then, like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo would have done, we went off and filled up our bellies over at Applebee's. We then stopped by Wal-Mart to get a couple of flashlights...a tool that's quite essential to have when going ghost-hunting at night! Then we rode all the way back to Moraine State Park, to see if we could get a response from good old Conrad Snyder. With Mindy's nervousness and our luck, it ended up that we weren't the only ones who thought that tonight would be a nice night to hang out in a cemetery! xD A whole family who lived down the road were there visiting, and they were all clutching onto flashlights as well. They even had their three-year-old children in there! Apparently they weren't nervous! Well, I wasn't nervous, and nor was I scared. I had a sincere and sure feeling that we were going to be okay, exactly what I kept telling Mindy on the drive back out there...poor Mindy, she's had plenty of dealings with ghosts before, and unfortunately, I still have yet to see a ghost. I've been excited for it all day, and even before, I have tried to get my friend Ben to go to Snyder's Cemetery with me, but of course Ben was an old bum and wussied out on me.

But wheeee, I had SO much fun today! :D


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