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Tuesday night I went with Mindy to what very well could be my last night singing karaoke at Peter B's. It's sad when I think about it, because yeah, Im going to miss Ron the karaoke DJ, the acquaintances I have made there, and of course, all of the songs I had to specially request. I know there's probably karaoke someplace in Phoenix as well, but I can't deny that I have come to love singing karaoke at Peter B's. Anyway, I've been keeping in touch with Laura down at the apartments I've been checking out, and things seem to be looking pretty good so far. I still need to get in contact with the housing department there. I also need to get back to work with cleaning and packing. So I had better make this post short lol. More to come later. :)
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Today was eerily excellent! :D Mindy and I actually dared to go into Snyder's Cemetery today...twice! :O First we went in the daylight, so we made certain that we knew exactly how to get there. Then, like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo would have done, we went off and filled up our bellies over at Applebee's. We then stopped by Wal-Mart to get a couple of flashlights...a tool that's quite essential to have when going ghost-hunting at night! Then we rode all the way back to Moraine State Park, to see if we could get a response from good old Conrad Snyder. With Mindy's nervousness and our luck, it ended up that we weren't the only ones who thought that tonight would be a nice night to hang out in a cemetery! xD A whole family who lived down the road were there visiting, and they were all clutching onto flashlights as well. They even had their three-year-old children in there! Apparently they weren't nervous! Well, I wasn't nervous, and nor was I scared. I had a sincere and sure feeling that we were going to be okay, exactly what I kept telling Mindy on the drive back out there...poor Mindy, she's had plenty of dealings with ghosts before, and unfortunately, I still have yet to see a ghost. I've been excited for it all day, and even before, I have tried to get my friend Ben to go to Snyder's Cemetery with me, but of course Ben was an old bum and wussied out on me.

But wheeee, I had SO much fun today! :D


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