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I feel so very exhausted, but there's still so very much to be done. I know that I'm not leaving until 5th September, but I'm trying my very best to get a good head-start, just to be sure that everything gets done before I haul ass across the country. I even finally traded my car in! I had gotten a very good deal trading in my Chevy Cavalier in for a Dodge minivan, so that I have a vehicle that can carry me, Mindy, and all of our junk from PA to AZ. I've been receiving Section 8 Housing Assistance ever since I came home from the hospital after that car accident in 2006...the worst time of my life. However, I hope to pick myself back up and get back on my feet after moving to AZ. About a dozen surgeries and head scans later, I've recovered quite a great bit.

Although I prefer not to give complete credit to modern medicine. No, a lot of times modern medicine does more harm than good, and I do have last damage with me thanks to modern medicine. I eventually hope to fix that myself in AZ with the Dr. Simeons' protocol. All that weight I gained being on the feeding tube while comatose for a month, I'm going to lose it. I've read his manuscript, and also many other valuable references. I know I can do it. The scar on my neck has faded quite a bit, but all of the other scars are easy to see, and I'm wondering if there's a way to maybe cover some of them up. Possibly get some tattoos? It might hurt even more getting them over top of scars, but if diminishes their appearance, then I'm all for it.

Anyway, I've recovered a very great deal over the past five years, and after I move to AZ, I'd like to get a job again., I can't really remember the last time I actually worked. It had to have been while I was still in my late teenage years, and at that age, I absolutely dreaded having to work. Although now at this time, at least I actually want to work again, unlike many other Americans. I actually want to eventually stop receiving welfare and housing assistance. Being the anarchist that I now am, I must shake myself free from the government's chains!

I want to work again, and I want to go back to school. I found a couple of good schools I could possibly go to in AZ, both of which include what I'd like to concentrate in...herbalism and integrative and preventative holistic nutrition (which I hope to take from a vegetarian/vegan standpoint.) With the nutrition knowledge, I'd really like to help people, but not by going by a system which is immoral and corrupt. And the herbalism knowledge will not just help me grow naturopathically, but also spiritually, as I am spiritually Pagan Pantheist and care very much for the Earth and nature and all of the bountiful glory.


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